Sunday, October 5, 2008


Has anyone experienced this? I've been out of batteries for my right ear (hearing aid) for about two weeks now, so I've been using only the implant.

But, when I listen to music.... like for example, I was listening to Oasis' Wonderwall just to listen to it and it suddenly seemed like I COULD hear in my right ear. Not like I was actually picking up sound... but as though that side was picking up or filling in the space.... almost like a "phantom" ear. I don't mean tinnitus or anything.

Right now, I lack the ability to explain this. Maybe one of you will know what I mean?



Anonymous said...

Yea...I've experienced that often. I asked my audiologist about it, and she explained that it is due to the hearing nerves being crossed over in the rear of the skull. Phantom hearing is a good word for it.


*Tasha* said...

I'm glad you replied!

This is exactly what I thought it was- crossover of nerves but I wasn't sure if anyone else had experienced this and wow, not even a full day had passed before someone replied with the same experience. :)

Thanks for your explanation!

Amy said...

Yes I've had that at first 5 months but after that it slowly becoming just left ear so I can't hear "equally" anymore have to turn my head around if I want hear better like if person sit on my right side I need turn my head as much to the right to have better access to left ear bleh time to get right ear implanted lol (but probably won't for next few years cuz my surgeon ugh)

Dave said...

I have never had that, but sadly am going through an "auditory hallucination" of a Christmas carol 24/7!!!!!!!!!!