Friday, April 11, 2008

ABR Test

I had the ABR test today at 1:30pm. ABR stands for Auditory Brainwave Response.

Basically what they do is they put a few electrodes on your head and you have to sit still for a hour or so with your eyes shut, while clicks occur. The electrodes pick up brain wave activity in the auditory parts of the brain, so that an estimate of how much hearing I have can be detected.

Simply put: It was really really boring! I had to keep my eyes shut the whole time and I didn't fall asleep until probably halfway through the test but I did keep waking up (without opening my eyes!)

However, this is another goalpost down since this is one of the requirements of the candidacy procedures. I've already had my audiogram faxed to them, so this was the next step- to retest hearing. I was a bit nervous that I would pass! I mean, I know I wouldn't but part of me was nervous that for some bizarre reason I wouldn't "fail" it well enough to qualify!!

I have to wait about a week or two for the results.... but I'm pretty sure I'll fail anyway. I hope. Hehe. It's funny to be hoping to fail a test!

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