Monday, April 28, 2008

CAT Scan

I had the CAT scan today. This will give the doctor a way to see if one ear is "better" than another in terms of anatomy, for operating on. The image generated from the CAT scan will also be his "roadmap!"

It was funny because they had given me a paper at my last appointment that said before the CAT scan I couldn't eat for 4 hours prior, and it also mentioned I might get a shot (of fluid that would make parts clearer.) So I went in, having taken all my earrings out already and expecting to get a shot. But the wait time was actually LONGER than the actual scan itself.

All I did was lie down on my back and then on my stomach and the machine scanned my head. It was VERY wide and not what I thought it would look like. I was in and out of the scanning room in what felt like 15 minutes!! It seemed like no preparation was really required.

Now to wait for the results of THIS one. But really, you don't wait for results. It's more that if anything IS wrong they'll tell you. If not, they just don't mention it.

Another goalpost down.

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