Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Iron Man Movie Part 1

So, Ian, Scott, and I saw Iron Man last night. We had to drive to downtown Seattle to the Cinerama, so I could see the movie too. (That theater rocks for being in Seattle and for having subtitles!!!) It is fortunately not far from my dorm. The way the subtitles work at the movie is they're backwards in a red script at the back of the theatre, in a little box. So, I have a black transparent reflector screen about 8 inches long. But to me, it felt painfully conspicious.

Sure, it wasn't a full theatre. Sure, nobody seemed to be staring. Sure, some people would think it was "cool."

But to me, it was another testament of my difference. It's the mere fact I can NEVER (and never is a painful word for someone who (hehe) never accepts "never") go to a theater without needing accommodations such as this. And it is very rare theatres have them, so I should be glad Seattle has one. I called another theater in Seattle and found out they only had subtitles for one movie, which WASN'T Iron Man. So I was thrilled when Cinerama said they had subtitles for Iron Man. I kept asking them to confirm that they really did have it for all the showings, not just one.

However, when it came time to buy my ticket, I asked for one, slid my debit card over, and then followed Ian and Scott. I finally poked Ian and mentioned I needed to get the "stupid screen." He was confused by my behavior, while I thought it was OBVIOUS I was embarrassed by having to ask for it, much less carry it, or adjust it in the theatre. He asked for it, and the ticket-seller gave me it, to which I proceeded to walk very fast to the theatre. It may sound silly but I just felt like a standing duck, and wanted to get into cover of darkness. It's making me laugh upon recall because it does sound silly, but it really sucked to me, at the time.

I was talking to Brian (my awesome uncle) on my phone in silent mode, during the previews, since I had been talking to him since before I entered the theatre. I started complaining a bit about how stupid I felt having the caption thing and he was saying HE would use it. I felt like he was trying to reassure me, even if it was partly true. After all, why use it if you can hear? I honestly cannot imagine how easy it would be to just sit down and HEAR and KNOW what people are saying.... that seems so amazing to me. What's even more out-there is that people take this for granted, since just about everyone can do this from an early age.

So, anyway, I didn't want to use the caption so I didn't use it for the first 10 minutes or so, and then I finally just sucked it up and used it. The movie was pretty good, although not AMAZING. The CG was incredible though and the main actor just STEALS the whole movie. He did insanely well. So overall it was a good experience. (See Part 2)

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