Saturday, May 17, 2008

A month Away!

So I just realized, while walking across the street, that it's May 17th. A month (almost) from today, I'll have already had the surgery. So basically it's the 30-day countdown. But again, I'm not really wanting to think about it. I think right now the total sum of my thoughts regarding this surgery consist mainly of "If it doesn't work how I want it to, then it'll just be something inside my head that I can at least still use to hear."

Hehe, how's that for minimizing it? I don't want to expect too much. I don't want to expect too little, though, and I refuse to let my progress be defined by supposed "pre-set limitations" that are in place because of the fact I was born deaf.

Right now I'm seeing this (probably incredible) denial mindset. All I can really think of is the fact I have work and then the University District street fair which should be nice! It's a really hot day. I started this day early due to waking up at around 6am and not knowing what time it was (my phone is really a huge joke; it won't turn on at all), so I assumed I was late. I got ready in record time and went to work, 45 minutes early! So I went back home to retrieve my precious hearing aid, which I had forgotten in my mad rush.

But I had left my keys at work in my backpack since I was returning very soon anyway.... so I had to knock around til someone let me in, and then call the Resident Assistant on duty to let me in my room! Keep in mind it was about 7am, so she was really tired, as was my friend Kayleigh who I had to wake up to call the R.A.

It was pretty funny upon reflection- another classic "Tasha" moment.

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