Tuesday, June 17, 2008

AHH Let Me Out Of Here!!!

You would think my mom was the patient here, not me. She is dilly-dallying SO much. All I want to do is GET OUT OF HERE. It's already almost 11am, which feels late to me. I have eaten. I have sat in bed...BORED. I have even typed a blog and sent some emails!! I just want out of here... I can feel myself approaching that EDGE of grumpiness where I just want to cry and throw a tantrum if I don't get out of this blasted hospital. They are ready to let me out. My IV has been out for what seems like a hour.I have attempted to brush my hair. I have paced.

Somebody please call my mom and tell her to LET ME OUT, SERIOUSLY.

This is me being bored to death.

Also? I got the implant in my left ear as it turns out! So I could use my hearing aid (my ONLY one) in my right one! :D But will somebody tell me why it seems SO loud? My hearing aid is on volume 1 and I can still hear way too much.


David said...

At least you got to stay in overnight.
I had my surgery for ci at 10, and was kicked out at 3 that afternoon.

Abbie said...

Did you have tinnitus in your left ear? I had horribly loud tinnitus in my left ear and when I had my surgery it quieted everything down and it let me hear! :)

How are you feeling today?

Norman said...

Tasha, so glad your surgery is over and you are feeling pretty good. You finally made it home I take it and are resting at your mom's house. Let us know how your doing.