Monday, June 9, 2008

My Titles Fail

Alright, so I picked up my ipod touch from my dad's work.

While there I figured out completely his reluctance and avoidance of any conversation about the implant surgery. He asked casually about the "hole." Get this: He thought I was going to have a HOLE in my head for the rest of my life! No wonder he didn't like the thought!! Ah, Dad, I do love you ! Aw. He did say, "Oh so the surgery doesn't make you have a hole anymore?" The keyword being ANYMORE. Did it ever leave a "hole?" I don't blame him for the misconception because I think I did sort of think that when I was younger.

I still think many people don't really "get" how it'll work and how noninvasive it will look.

So far, the ipod touch is really great! :) But funnily enough, I haven't uploaded any music on it yet! I HAVE, however, downloaded the Otter Movie (an ADORABLE short 1 minute and 24 seconds clip that never fails to make me smile).

Also? I heard just fine after my hearing aid had "warmed up" for awhile. I am just sad that I don't have a left-ear mold for the hearing aid, so that means unless I have some residual hearing left after the surgery, I won't be able to hear ANYTHING till the activation. The soonest available date for a mold to be made for the left ear was AFTER surgery, and then fast shipping would have been extra money. :( But hopefully I'll have some residual hearing?? Who knows....

Not much else to say. One more day till the pre-op, which is at 1pm....

"Every ceiling, when reached, becomes a floor, upon which one walks as a matter of course and prescriptive right." -Aldous Huxley


David said...

I also found that the general population and immediate family knew so little about CI's. People assumed that it is an advanced hearing aid in many cases. Now people look at me and assume I have a blue tooth head piece and am on the phone!

Jennifer said...

Oh goodness...poor wonder he's been nervous! My grandma thought I was having a transplant, like from somebody that had There is so much misinformation about CIs out there!!
I'm so excited...getting closer!!!

South said...

I jut got an implant almost 2 months ago. I got the MedEl Opus2 model with the nifty remote control. And yes you do have a hole in yer head. That's where the electrode goes through to yer cochlea. I even play with the hole and feel the air pressure change in my ear. Good luck and keep us posted . smile

Abbie said...

Oh boy! It amazes me when people especially our own parents who should have been listening to the doctor doesn't. oi!

South, I don't feel the hole in my mastoid bone. I just had to the privilege of flying for the first time and the only time I felt air pressure was in my unimplanted ear. It hurt!