Friday, June 13, 2008

T-Countdown.....3 days?

So, after scaring my poor, sweet boyfriend because I was having all the symptoms of a stroke (?!) except for the headache... haha. Never mind. Basically, I was acting weird like almost out of it and unable to follow with a constant train of thought, had HIGH sensitivity to light, and he thought one side of my face was lopsided. (My smile is lopsided, as it turns out. This we know now.) Not a result of a stroke or anything! Either way, I'm fine. :P But he had me whimpering when I looked in the mirror. My smile IS not balanced. Is my eye really twitching? Oh nooo!! But it is great to know I have someone who cares SO much that he would call the paramedics just to make sure. Better safe, than sorry, as the adage goes.

The arm is MASSIVELY better. All the pain and weird symptoms were due to the shot. Odd..... because normally I don't get more than aching from a shot.

My mom is IMPOSSIBLE to reach despite her having a ton of phone numbers with which to reach her at and despite her husband having a cell too, they both rarely answer or at least when *I* call. GRRR. It's really really aggravating. So, I just called the hospital to find out when I'm supposed to be there.

The actual surgery should be around 1pm, but I need to be there at 11am, in the surgery ward! No food after midnight, clear drinks till 7am. :) I think I got it! Not too bad. My goodness! The amount of digits I'm holding up really shocks me... only 3 days left?!


David said...

such an exciting time. I was over the moon with 3 days to go.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the implant!!

suddensilence said...

Tasha, I've been thinking of you today! I hope your surgery went well!! :-)

~ Wendi

Abbie said...

Oh boy! That would drive me nuts! I know it is all over by now but I am getting caught up here :)