Thursday, June 12, 2008


So my ipod touch has been successfully keeping me entertained!! I FINALLY got ...*somewhat* packed. Much to my surprise, so far it seems like the majority of my clothes will fit in this medium sized pink duffel bag I have, so moving out of the dorm won't be too bad.

Perhaps due to the fact they've been serving pasta the WHOLE year, or to my arm hurting, I threw away a whole plate of spaghetti because it turned out I wasn't hungry anymore after taking a few bites of it. I did drink some Vanilla coke..... my guilty indulgence. I wish there was a way to donate my spaghetti....:P As it is, I hate wasting ANYTHING.

The internet connections in my dorm seem to be REALLY bad ever since people started moving out for summer, so it's annoying because I can barely get a connection and when I do, I have to make sure not to move at all!

My arm is much better and I decided not to call the medical clinic to ask them about it, since it's not a big issue at all right now. But last night, oooo. I woke up in insane pain but I just went back to sleep. Gotta love sleep. My arm shouts out to me in angry trepidation anytime I try to move it too much, but I suspect this will go away by the end of today.

Just a note to myself so I remember: I work at 7:30am Saturday. Then on Sunday I have work at noon til 4pm. Not bad at all.

I have to take my earrings out for the surgery..... which wouldn't be a problem IF I didn't have these earrings that are hard to get in since it's got a TINY ball that screws in and how it does that, I have NO clue. I actually had to have a tattoo shop guy put it in for me! Also? Look at my ears. Count 'em!

(I was going to put a picture in but I can't find my connect for the camera! Nevertheless it's on my camera.)

I have 5 holes in my right ear, and 3 in my left ear!! Fortunately, no other piercings :P

Friday, Saturday, Sunday...... my goodness. It will really come fast. Right now, I'm not sure how I'm feeling. It's more just a FACT. "Okay, I'm getting surgery on Monday." Haha.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Did you ever get back your favorite doll's arm from your Dad?

How funny!


Abbie said...

What did you do to your arm?!

I am getting caught up with all the blogs, it is a slow slow crawl here!