Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Barefooted and Bandaged


You won't guess where I'm writing this from! It is 8:07 am my time. I went in for the surgery about 1pm yesterday (Monday.)

I stayed overnight but my mom did too, so I was glad because then I at least had someone there, even if she was sleeping most of the time, haha!!

So, right now, I'm standing, barefooted, in a hospital gown. The IV tape and IV is in my right arm, but it isn't attached to anything.... I'm using the computer in my hospital room which I happily noticed had internet explorer. My mom suggested I use it, after I whined a bit just now about how TV was SOOOOO boring and about my eye. My left eye REALLY hurts, like some kind of really bad localized headache... and so does my ear, so I'm keeping my eye shut. So, even though she is probably horrified I'm using this computer, she's too tired to care and she knows what a diversion the internet is for me! :)

My bandages got changed this morning, much to my relief, because it had felt like it was draining or bleeding or SOMETHING, but the doctor said everything looked great. No drainage at all, just some swelling near my upper lobe.

And yes, there is a BIG portion of hair gone.... way more than I thought there would be. I whimpered slightly, thinking about how I had wanted to tell them to please cut as little as possible, and partly surprised at how much WAS gone. I then shrugged. What is there that I can really do about it anyway? Hopefully it gets better!! So I just have to give it some time. My hair is actually finally in a cute bandage-do. It's better than yesterday where my hair was literally sticking up EVERYWHERE. Right now, I just look like I have some 80s aerobics hairdo.... "(PUMP IT UP! Left foot up!") anyone? :D

The chunk of hair that came out came out yesterday when I was feeling my head, in front of my friend Nick and my mom. They both immediately stared at me to gauge my reaction, since I have been trying SO hard to grow my hair out after cutting it really short last year. I stared at the hair. I'll admit, part of me wanted to cry or complain, but I was MORE amused by it than upset. I sighed, hair hanging from my hand, then... "Get the camera, Mom!"

Later, I decided I wanted to keep it (I'm a silly person)... and I noticed PINK streaks in it!! I had light purple streaks in my hair for awhile and some of it (especially on the underside) hadn't come out yet but instead faded to a pretty blond and a fun pink. So... I was delighted in an odd way. "Sweet! The hair that came out has PINK in it! Hah! What a thing to show people!"

I was able to see the side of my head because I brought my camera!! I have pictures of almost everything! Including the first minute after I had my gown on, up till me standing next to this computer. My mom said repeatedly how much of a ham I was. It's true; I'll admit it! I grinned at the camera while they put the IV in. It was actually a GREAT diversion, so I'd recommend doing that for any procedure that is hard NOT to think about or notice (needles, shots, etc).

Oddly, from what I've eaten so far, the food is REALLY good! In fact, I have something called "The Great Northwest Breakfast" coming soon.

"Your choice of Fluffy Scrambled Eggs, or Low Cholesterol Scrambled Eggs. Served with Bacon & Breakfast Potatoes."

Yesterday, a few hours after I woke up, I had some diet pepsi (And a lot of people say that stuff is toxic because of the aspartame (artifical sweetener) in it) so I'm surprised this was an option. I also had a CRAZILY delicious peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Yum....I have a feeling I won't want to chew much, which is why I happily ordered eggs and potatoes. They're both soft!

As for the pain.... I've basically had 2 painkiller pills EVERY 4 hours and I ask for more sooner than 4 hours because the pain is ... well, painful! But it isn't HORRIBLE. I only had a blotch of blood. The nurse told my mom that some people had SO much bleeding that it'd bleed through the bandages. So I've been fortunate. But let's just say: I won't be stopping taking pain pills for awhile! The eye gets SO painful. I feel a LITTLE dizzy but not bad. I heard what sounded like loud screaming in my left ear, anytime I'd get up to walk to the bathroom and sat down. Not that bad though. It's not constant at all.

By the way: In the end, I REALLY AM glad I stayed overnight!! It's been nice. Delicious food, a bed that moves up and down, my mom nearby, and my camera if I want it.

I can't wait to go home though! I just hope it isn't stressful because there's kids at the house and it's a BIG mess since they just moved my stepdad's stuff (1500 sq feet) into a house! Mainly though, I can't wait to see everyone!! My siblings, my stepdad, my dad (hopefully), my best friend Tess, and Ian. I'm hoping to call Abby (my old best friend) at some point. I am so lucky to have so many people. :)

Pictures'n'more later! <3my>Northwest Breakfast is here


Anonymous said...

YAY! Tasha, it sounds like you breezed through your surgery! I'm so glad to read that you're up and around.

I hope the pain subsides quickly, and I'm sure you can come up with a cute hairdo to incorporate your lack of locks. (I keep thinking of Cyndi Lauper -- I think she had one side of her head shaved in her Girls Just Wanna Have Fun days. LOL!) I told my mom (she's a hairdresser and does my hair) that if I go bilateral at the same time, I'll just get a mohawk. ha ha!!

Anyway, take care, rest up and *congratulations*!!

~ Wendi

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing! I went through the surgery on May 28th and this posting brought me back to that day in the not so distant past! Three weeks later, I am back into the swing of things and my hair has grown back- so all of the unpleasant stuff that you are going through will be a distant memory!

Your breakfast definitely sounds better than mine was- my breakfast was indescribably bland, but it was delicious after having not eaten the entire day the day before! A computer in your room- mon dieu!

I go for my activation next Tuesday and you shall be next in a matter of weeks!

Bon Voyage and Best Wishes for a speedy recovery-

mishkazena said...

I am curious and I hope you won't mind me asking you a question

Why did you stay overnight? Most of those I know had outpatient surgery and went home on the same day.

Your hair will grow back. For fun, why not decorate your hair until the bald spot is covered with hair? Dye it, etc. It will distract others from that bald spot. Just a thought :)

Abbie said...

You are feeling fantastic! I was the same way with the pain pills. I was religious about taking two every 4 hours. I didn't have any bleeding either with my surgery. You are doing so well!

I am so very curious at just how much they shaved off :) This is now a competition because I feel like I got an awful lot shaved off.. :)

*Tasha* said...
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*Tasha* said...

I removed my reply to mishkazena since I found her site but decided to post my reply on here as well, for anyone else who may have been wondering as well.


I stayed overnight because my surgery was at 1pm, not early in the morning.

So if they "kicked me out" at 5pm, they would still only have had me in for 4 hours. They wanted to make sure I got the best care and had no side effects and was getting the medicines on time. They also wanted to change the gauze in the morning.

My doctor also really wants to make sure people are doing well and at their.. semi-best before going home, as a precaution.

:) I didn't want to stay overnight but like I said, I'm glad I did now! It was really restful and I was able to ask questions or get more medicine without worrying about overdosing or missing a dose because I had nurses to monitor everything.

mishkazena said...

Thanks for explaining. I'm glad it went so well for you :)