Sunday, June 1, 2008

Ipods and music!

So, all my life, the only music player I've owned is a CD player that my friend Stephen gave to me after I asked to borrow it for the long bus trip up to summer camp when I was probably 14 or so. I greedily soaked up whatever sound I could get from the CD player amplified, and fell asleep listening to songs. He gave it to me after we had gotten home from summer camp and I realized I still had his CD player. He smiled and said I could keep it because he had another. I insisted he take it back but he insisted I take it. So I took it and I still have it to this day!

I haven't seen the need to spend money on any other music player, even though I don't use that CD player much. With the advent of laptops playing cds and then finally, Limewire or, I didn't find it too necessary. I don't mind not having music playing 24.7, because for me the sound of everything else is enough.

But I have often wanted to buy an ipod just so I could have the convenience of "music on the go!" and was always waiting for some opportune time or reason to arise. And it has come!

What better way to celebrate better hearing than to be able to hear some great music?! Notably, I will not be using the ipod too much at first though, as I want to give environmental noises/voices more priority in my brain.

After a week-long search for good deals on ebay and craigslist, I eliminated many music players. I had originally wanted an IRiver Clix (from Europe and plays movies, games, and music!) but then I heard about the ipod touch. It has wifi so you can download music on the go or access the internet! I'm not a big game player, so the fact it had games wasn't a factor. But my wonderful boyfriend showed me the other day that his iphone (which is nearly identical to the itouch, except that it has phone capabilties) could stream closed-captioned lyrics IN TIME TO THE MUSIC! (Google tunewiki)

I can see how this would potentially help me and even if I can never understand speech, I've always wanted something like this! So, I was sold. My search for an Ipod touch began!

And it ended today!! I won an auction for an ipod touch. Considering that they sell for $300 or more at top retail price and $285 on discount sites, I got a great deal! It is under $200, so I'm glad. I really dislike spending more than $30 on ANYTHING though so a big part of me says, "I really must get a lot of use out of this or I'll sell it!" I am really excited though to try my new ipod!! It should be shipped by at least 2 weeks or less! Whee!

Also? It is FINALLY June!! It seemed as though it would never come. Only 10 more days until the pre-op and then 5 more days after that is the surgery!!

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David said...

The interesting option to the Advanced Bionic gear, is that you plug your Ipod direct into your headpiece.
how cool is that?